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Jul 26, 2012

Five Tricks to Pamper your Plants

Plants are living things and as such also need pampering, i.e. special care and attention. All plants are indoor or outdoor need basic care but there are some plants that need a more personalized care. In this short article we will discuss five tricks to pamper your plants and they are beautiful and healthy forever.

Five Tricks to Pamper your Plants

The first point has to do with the care of the leaves. Although the land of your plants is well paid, it is inevitable that sometimes part of the leaves exhibit an impaired or even withered hand. In this case this part must be cut from the sheet and keep it away from the floor as it can attract various types of pests.

The second point relates to the use of nutrients. Do not settle only with water your plants regularly but every so often you fertilize the soil with at least three essential nutrients: nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. These nutrients will give your plants strength and endurance and will also provide the necessary energy to grow more green leaves and strong.

With the arrival of spring you have to take a walk at your plants. This is the third trick to pamper your plants. After having had inside all winter, spring must help them adapt to the outside. For this, you need them outside for two hours and then enter them each week and an hour increase the stay abroad. Thus, the plants can be tailored to the sun and spring air.

The fourth point is to take care of your plants from pests such as slugs, snails and aphids. For this, it is highly recommended that you review always well your plants as the stems and leaves and if you have the assurance that pests can attack your plants take preventive measures. It is best to use natural tricks to combat pests because chemicals can eliminate the pest but also harm your plants.

Finally, as a fifth point, many recommend talking to plants and even set them to music. Although not proven the effectiveness of these methods, it does not hurt to try. Many recommend even put together several plants because plants grow more and better if they are accompanied or group. An isolated plant does not grow in the same way as if the plant is with other plants. So instead of having a single plant begins to grow more.
If you want to enjoy a beautiful garden or have your beautiful houseplants never stop applying these five tricks to pamper your plants.