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Aug 27, 2012

Garden Pests: How to Combat Slugs and Snails

As your garden is a special place, you want to keep it free of pests and insects that damage. One of these garden pests are slugs and snails. In virtually no time, slugs and snails can ruin a crop or crop.
That being the case then how can you combat slugs and snails? Is there an effective remedy for success? Here we have some methods.

Garden Pests: How to Combat Slugs and Snails

One of these methods to combat slugs and snails is to put a liquid bait. For example, you can fill a small container with water or beer. The beer is quite effective as the smell of this attract slugs and snails. When approaching these fall into the small bowl and drown.

Another method, a little more dangerous because of its toxicity, is making piles of active as metaldehyde throughout the garden. This will make the snails out and want to eat it approached, causing death within a few days. If there are children at home, we must take special care not to leave the garden because this ingredient can be lethal.

Using yeast is ideal for combating slugs and snails love this item as these. You have to prepare a bottle deep enough for snails (maybe one of jam) and place in warm water, sugar and yeast. Then they dig holes in the garden and buried the jars prepared with yeast. Slugs and snails will go directly to the trap. Every day should be reviewed and throw slugs and snails that have been trapped. Every so this preparation should be replaced as moisture, heat and other external agents can ruin it.

Finally you can put cabbage leaves around the plants with some poison for slugs and snails to go there that are eliminated.

There is also a method that does not require any money but more effort: remove snails and slugs by hand. To this must be checked each day as they tend to reproduce rapidly. The snails are edible, meaning they can be eaten and many say they are delicious and highly nutritious. If you dare, you can gather them and throw them in the pot.

Garden pests can cause damage to crops, flowers and any type of planting but these pests can be controlled. Slugs and snails are perhaps one of the easiest to combat pests but why not be trusted.