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May 18, 2013

Cultivation, Care And Maintenance Of The Bamboo

Humans have used and still use today bamboo with varied and numerous purpose and today in particular, have become popular as decorative plants inside or outside. There are more than 1,500 varieties of bamboo, so the first step is to find out which is the variety that best fits your needs and climate and soil type where you live.

Cultivation Care And Maintenance Of The Bamboo

Stores sell a variety known as lucky bamboo but we must warn you that this is not a bamboo, but a type of lily of the Dracaena family. The variety Bambusa vulgaris is the most widespread in the world for indoor and outdoor planting, due to its adaptability to different climates and requirement of low maintenance. But it takes a lot of light naturally, so if you plant indoors should be near large windows. In continental areas withstands temperatures of -18 ° C and the ocean refuses to -23 degree C. You can check in a nursery in your city if it is the best choice or variety but what is the best there is in your area.

Cultivation Care And Maintenance Of The Bamboo

The first thing to consider is that it is very easy to get seeds of these plants. This is because they are flowering grasses with long periods (many years) and as the flower is essential for seed, best alternative solution. Also, once planted the seeds can take up to seven years to sprout, so the best is to get suckers to plant.

The bamboo needs a moist soil, but relatively well drained. Particularly preferred acid tendency neutral grounds, but others resist in limestone terrain. The soil should, however, have some fertility novel. If not, we regularly provide manure. In the beginning, all bamboos appreciate shaded sites, but as they grow prefer more sunlight. That is why the bamboos tend to grow faster: to go towards the light.

During transplantation, add hood 25 cm diameter fertilizer granules for green plants. Spray the foliage twice a week.
Cultivation Care And Maintenance Of The Bamboo

In summer we water thoroughly. Young bamboo shoots finished their growth, but the plant needs water to ensure the rhizomes vegetation and accumulation of reserves to ensure the output of shoots the following year. A regular maintenance is recommended at least once a year, or even twice, once in September and again in February.

In winter clean species exceeding 3 m. Three types are cut stems must either ax or hacksaw: those that have declined over the course of the year, have been resected from the top to the bottom or are devoid of leaves, misshapen, unsightly or too rickety, and that can be exploited, for 3 or 4 years old, hard enough. In late winter you can reap the dwarf bamboo floor level.