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Jun 11, 2012

Ideas for designing a Mediterranean garden

A Mediterranean garden is one that is adapted to soil and Mediterranean climate characterized by hot days, winters not as strong, some drought period and plants with a very strong aroma. It is not the same as a xeriscape which optimizes water use to a minimum, rather it is a garden adapted to the Mediterranean climate. Spain, Italy, Greece, Morocco are among the countries taking the lead in Mediterranean gardens because in these places this climate prevails.

It is true that this type of garden design is to live in a Mediterranean climate or at least a lot like this climate. What characterized the Mediterranean garden and What species can be planted in this kind of garden?

The most important elements of a Mediterranean garden are lush trees and flowers and plants brightly colored and very aromatic. It is also common to create some space where there are rock gardens herbs such as Lavender, Rosemary and Thyme. The aroma and color are two essential elements of a Mediterranean garden.

What kind of trees can be planted in a Mediterranean garden? The pines are ideal for this type of garden. They are also typical of such gardens Palms, olive and fig trees. Besides having a beautiful appearance with a delicious aroma. Ideally, leafy shade are to have a strictly Mediterranean style.

The species of plants can be grown in a Mediterranean garden are carnations, lilies, jasmine, oleander and others. These plants are summer, easy to maintain and do not need as much water as other species. Remember to plant species must be resistant to heat and direct sunlight, since that is the main characteristic of the Mediterranean climate.

Mediterranean gardens are colorful and attractive so it is good to include items such as brightly colored pots, mosaic paths with attractive designs. If you design a space with pebbles can paint the stones of different colors or with colors that blend with the rest of the garden or house such as doors, windows and even the tiles.

Given these two premises of the Mediterranean garden: colors and delicious aromas more suggestions on what to plant species may be, the rest is left to his ingenuity and imagination. Make every effort to design a Mediterranean garden and have the most original garden throughout the area.