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Jun 11, 2012

Cultivation of sage: ideas and care tips

Salvia belongs to the family of aromatic herbs, in fact you could say that is the Queen of the plant aromatic. The Romans called it sacred or holy grass. If you enjoy growing plants and plants used to flavor dishes, you should not ignore the culture of Salvia.

Here are some ideas and suggestions for successfully cultivate sage and will last you a long time. They can grow along with other herbs which will give a beautiful fragrance to your garden or patio. You can also grow them in pots, but these should be large and wide to take root. About 30 inches is sufficient.

If your goal is to plant and Salvia on the floor, this plant is very adaptable to any type of soil. However, being a Mediterranean plant usually live well on dry, calcareous, well exposed to nature.

You Salvia plant in rows 20 inches apart from a cutting or plant from another. And rows must be about 70 centimeters from each other. You can take care of the land where the sage is growing weed. You can use chemical weed control without vestments to ruin the planting of Salvia. The Dicamba or bentazon are some of these chemicals that can be used without fear. It is also important to fertilize the soil with manure to provide potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus in abundance for the Salvia grow better and stronger. If the winter is severe, while harvesting sage can add more nitrogen to relieve the earth of the scourge of the bad season.

Irrigation should not be too abundant, should be light but frequent and must be exposed to light but is better than just not give directly. If you put the pot inside better be near a window where between bright and if you place it on garden and patio or better which is under half shade so the sun does not harm the Salvia.

If the sage is grown inside and insects approach usually sufficient watering and water remove these bugs. However if this fails you can try passing a sponge or cotton soaked in alcohol. This will make the water the plant, water to remove insects from your sage.

Follow these tips and you can enjoy the excellent properties of Salvia.