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Aug 27, 2012

Garden Pests: How to Combat the Red Spider

The infestation of spider mites is perhaps one of the most difficult pests to control. There are many homemade tricks to eliminate spider mites but if we are not consistent in the application of these, most likely will not have the desired success.

Garden Pests: How to Combat the Red Spider

To combat the red spider is necessary preventive treatments and some more specific. Once we removed the red spider should continue as a preventative treatment may reappear.

If we talk about natural methods, the potassium soap is one of these. You can get at any drugstore or market with different levels of concentration. This product works by drying up the body of the spider mites and preventing reproduction.

But it is clear that the spider mite is a pest very difficult to combat. The homemade tricks sometimes have no effect because it requires perseverance, time and patience that sometimes we do not. In these cases, the best is a chemical pesticide to end them quickly and effectively.

What are some of the chemical pesticides to combat the red spider?

The chemical acaricides any brand are effective. Those containing chemicals like abamectin, Clofentazina, Propargite have proven very useful. Chemical is better than in powder because spiders are placed and played in places inaccessible to liquids.

Something that can strengthen the procedure is to use these chemicals with others of a more naturally as the slurry Ortigas, garlic with water or alcohol and more manual and remove affected leaves and spider mites.

After elimination of this scourge must start with a preventative treatment to keep coming back. For example, something that does not like red spider is moisture so spray the plant with water especially in the leaves that is where spider mites, this will not play.

Weeding is another effective method to eliminate spider mites. This should be done periodically, if necessary, every day to prevent the formation of colonies on these weeds.

Finally, prepare eats insects mites is another means used by many nurseries and greenhouses. One of these insects is the six-legged Tryps. These spider mites eat thus achieving the elimination of this.

In the war against pests anything goes. So here we gave you some ideas to go testing the best way to combat the red spider.