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Mar 8, 2012

Romero: cultivation, care, soil and needs

The Rosemary is a Mediterranean plant ideal for spicing up traditional dishes. Used as a condiment in many parts of the world and is ideal for flavoring the house as well as many say it is good to have a Rosemary plant on the table. It also has important medicinal properties which makes it a little plant quite complete.

No wonder then that many experts and fans want to have a Rosemary plant in your garden or in your backyard. But the good news is that you can also plant and grows well in a large pot so if you live in an apartment may have its plant Romero.

Rosemary, like many other plants is not an aromatic plant that requires very careful. Rosemary does not need a soil full of nutrients and can grow up healthy in a soil that has sand, compost and garden soil. If where you live is very cold, it is best to plant in a pot Romero so you can keep out the cold. If the environment is rather warm, should be planted directly in the garden or yard. It is important that the pots hold moisture but without going to the other end of the plant to drown. The best thing is that the aromatic plants, including Romero, germinate in a confined space: indoors or in a winter playground.

Besides keeping the wet plants is important to prevent grass plants grow around therefore it is necessary to periodically Romero weeding.

The positive of herbs is that they are prone to pests and diseases. So no need to take extra care against these. However, the main enemy of Romero is the fungi that develop when the seedling is very damp and poorly ventilated. Romero planting in outside is important that the soil has good drainage otherwise if water accumulates can cause the seedling dies from excess water.

To use as a condiment Romero, the leaves must be removed at the right time to use so that they are fresher and taste and smell stronger. If you keep Romero, the best time to remove the leaves is at night when the plants have no moisture in the morning.

Thus, you can enjoy all the culinary properties, aromatic and medicinal Romero, planting it yourself.