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Apr 4, 2012

How to build a rock garden

The rock gardens are more than putting two or three stones as decoration around a plant. It is about using rocks and stones in space to mimic nature, especially in areas where there is abundant growth of grass and plants and thus they grow among the rocks.

Steps you must take in order to build a beautiful rock garden:
The first step is choosing the right area where we will rock garden. It is important that guidance is adequate. Although the guidance will vary according to climate and geography, which usually gives good results is that the sun shine directly into our rock garden.

After choosing the area, you should clean the place of unwanted plants like shrubs and dead plants. You must also ensure that the drainage is good. To do this, you can make a composite layer of pebbles, slag and heavy elements. The layer should be about 50 centimeters.

The most important of your rock garden is to place the stones and rocks in a good way. It is important to begin by placing large stones are like the base of your rock garden and then the smaller stones. The stones should be buried in the middle so they are stable and do not leave and should not be all together as this would prevent the plants grow well in space. Rather, you must leave some space between stones and rocks and everything depends on your imagination. There is no specific rule to measure the distances between the rocks.

What species of plants and shrubs grow well in the rocks? There are many and varied. Some of them are dwarf Aster, pinks, Lobelias, Thyme, Violas, Lilies, Daffodils, Tulips and more. In addition, shrubs can be planted as Heather or palm.

To plant these species, you must wait until one month after the construction of the rock garden, to allow these rocks and stones are well established and the earth nods firmly.

At first maybe the rockery or rock garden seems empty and dull. But as the seasons pass gradually look like your rock garden fills with beautiful species.

Some suggestions that experts give is to build the rock garden and no staggered to give a better appearance. Another idea is to build small waterfalls that give a natural environment. Just look at his rock garden, you will experience a feeling of peace and tranquility, which will help you live better.