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Apr 26, 2012

Methods for cleaning up the lavender

During the off time of flowering of lavender that has some characteristics that must be corrected. One is that the lavender is dry the spine of the flower, therefore it is essential to restore, but how?

If lavender is planted along a hedge, it is important to prune the tips of this plant so that the entire hedge of Lavender is exactly the same height. It can be cut sides of the fence of lavender to make it more rounded shape. In fact, until the desired shape may be given to the hedge of Lavender: square, round, leaving the high or low hedge. There are no rules as to stabilize the Lavender. Most importantly, regardless of form is to remove the thorn from the flower and, at the end of the flowering season is very dry.

It is advisable to prune once a year to keep the rounded shape you want. This not only helps to remove the ugly parts of the lavender but promotes growth and plant development. Being a tough plant, you have to restore, without fear of ruining it. On the contrary, grow better, thicker and much stronger.

To properly clean up the lavender is not good to cut all the leaves of this plant but only about 10 centimeters. It is true that sometimes, especially in some areas, these plants grow too much for what some think is best cut flowers from the bottom too. But the plant does not die, it is best to cut the tallest shoots.

In some places, depending on the weather, for example in areas where winter is very severe, are pruned twice, once at the top as mentioned above and below the second time at the base of the plant. Everything will depend on the weather. The important thing is that Lavender sanitize every year, either once or twice, as this is a rapidly aging plant, about eight years and through clean lavender slows aging.

There are many advantages is lavender plant at home. This plant is not lurch by insects and is easy to reproduce and to do it for cuttings. So you know some ideas to clean up the lavender, keep them beautiful and make you enjoy your last and always smell beautiful. Lavender has many useful applications from flavoring vinegar to put under your pillow and sleep more relaxed.