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May 18, 2012

Garden watering systems

Every garden needs a good watering for the plants, flowers and trees look beautiful, healthy and strong. Now what is the best irrigation system for your garden? There are many irrigation systems are efficient but when choosing one or more of a need to take into account the characteristics of the garden.

What are the most efficient irrigation systems? What to consider when choosing a method of irrigation for your garden?

Sprinkling: This type of irrigation is ideal for large gardens, ample surface as the water reaches up to 6 meters. It is a simple irrigation system it can be placed at the end of the hose and go moving on the place where you want to go. Irrigation method is economical, does not need many amenities and very effective.

Drip Irrigation:   This method is very effective especially if your garden is small and has few plants. It is also useful for people who are not much at home and need your garden in good condition. The drip irrigation system consists of water each plant droppers applying localized manner on each of the plants. The drippers are built cheaper and dropper auto compensates button. This method has the advantage that it saves water and soil moisture is maintained constant thereby avoiding puddles which damage crops.

Subsurface irrigation: The underground irrigation is a modern method being implemented in many parts of the world. These pipes installed below the ground from 10 to 50 centimeters. This is an innovative irrigation system has several advantages such as high durability of the pipes because they are not directly exposed to the sun, is a more aesthetic type of irrigation and prevents odors.

Irrigation distribution: This type of irrigation is similar to sprinkler irrigation but are smaller broadcasters. Is ideal for small gardens because, depending on the size of the diffuser and the water pressure to strip water 3 or 4 meters.

Irrigation hose: This is the most common irrigation system. Although it has some disadvantages such as uneven watering and excessive consumption of water, many people find it relaxing to be watering. It's like the time off throughout the day.

There are other more innovative irrigation systems that are being implemented recently in some European countries such as surface irrigation blanket consisting of polyethylene pipes and pressure compensating drippers are two blankets. The drippers are intended to saturate the water and blankets are to provide moisture to the roots. This blanket can be placed for irrigation on land or within it.

Now that you know of different irrigation systems, it is time to consider an effective one for your garden and crops so that they can save water while having your garden waterfall.