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Jul 10, 2012

The Benefits of Using a Garden Calendar

If you have a beautiful garden or started a project, ideally things easier with a garden calendar. User can bring several benefits. What constitutes a calendar of garden? And what benefits we have to use one?

The garden calendars is a schedule of activities and care to develop in the garden according to time of year, i.e. spring, summer, autumn and winter. This schedule indicates what actions need to be developed, as pruning, planting, harvesting and more. Month to month, the garden calendar shows the basic actions that you must perform to your garden to transform in a beautiful place, care and pest free.

The Benefits of Using a Garden Calendar

The garden calendar has activities to do in a garden, flower garden, indoor plants and trees and shrubs. Each month, detailing the actions to be taken. For example, the garden calendar for May indicates that can grow dahlias, lilies and Calas, among others. They should be watered every day in the morning and once in a while you have to fertilize the soil with compost. Every fortnight, to be blunt flowers and some ideas to remove pests such as aphids, spider mites and other insects typical of the era. All this is perfectly described in the garden calendar.

So what benefits you can get from using a garden calendar? For starters, you will never be wrong in planting time or harvest, you know very well how to repel certain pests and when and how you prune.
If you have a garden or indoor plants it can also benefit from the garden calendar. Especially at the beginning, when you first started to dabble in the garden there are many things you do not know and learn from experience. That's where your garden calendar will serve as a guide for your plants to grow well.

What happens if you live in the hemisphere opposite the garden calendar? Just take as a parameter the seasons and follow the instructions. If the calendar says spring starts in March, you know that in the southern hemisphere begins in September.

Where can you get a schedule of garden? There are many websites where you can download and print. One of these sites is Garden Calendar where you can find the schedule for each month and download it to your computer to consult it whenever it takes until you know it by heart.